Diakonia Council of Churches expresses deep concern about the brutal attack at a mosque in Ottawa near Verulam on Thursday.

We lend our voice to the condemnation of the senseless violence and murder of one of the victims and implore the law enforcement agencies, together with community and religious leaders to offer full support to the Muslim community affected.

We are shocked by the terrible attack, which disregarded the sanctity of a place of worship. As an ecumenical organisation, which has long worked with the interfaith community for justice and peace, we share the pain of loss and pray full and speedy recovery for the two injured men. To the bereaved family we offer heartfelt condolences on this devastating loss.

We are gravely concerned at the prospect of further escalation of violence.

We therefore call for:

* Use of full force of the law to clamp down on the attack and murder and bring the perpetrators to justice.

* Community dialogue between religious leaders, community leaders, local businesses to help the Muslim community to get through this difficult period.


Nomabelu Mvambo-Dandala,

Executive Director, Diakonia Council of Churches

11 May 2018