Over the years, Diakonia Council of Churches (hereinafter referred to as Diakonia) has enjoyed a rich history within Durban, South Africa and internationally. Its rich history has enabled the organisation to survive throughout the past years, regardless of the challenging funding climate.

 In light of the 40 years of working for a transformed society (i.e. 1976 -2016), on Friday 25 November 2016 Diakonia will commemorate its proud history – which has not been without challenges  –  at the Greyville Convention Centre, Durban from 6.00pm for 6.30pm.

The primary purpose of the commemoration is not so much to dwell on the past, but to:

  • Reflect on the prevailing challenges plaguing our beloved country – with the past in mind;
  • Highlight some of the important signs of hope that present possibilities for the realisation of the South African dream and;
  • Reignite, strengthen and develop a new generation of social justice activists.

Without doubt, we envisage that the commemoration will be an opportunity to reconnect with our past and present network of friends, while initiating potential friends, with a view to increase the pool of ambassadors – primarily for the sustainability of our organisation going forward.  More importantly, this will be an opportunity to pass the baton for social justice activism to the emergent generation of social justice activists, regardless of age.

The event will also reposition Diakonia as a major role player in reigniting the social justice flame, and contribute to its financial sustainability, particularly in light of the much needed services that are adversely affected by the drastically changed funding climate.  Against this, tables will be sold to offset some of the commemoration costs and more importantly, to contribute to the long term financial sustainability of our organisation.

In light of your association with Diakonia and your continued commitment to social justice, we invite you to join us in marking this major milestone in the life of our organisation – under the theme:

Keeping the Social Justice Flame Alive!

Sincerely, I trust that on further reflection you will find it in your heart to support this venture, regardless of your proximity.

Your partner in transforming society

Nomabelu Mvambo-Dandala