Diakonia Council of Churches is deeply concerned by the current trauma South Africans are facing with the recent state Cabinet reshuffle and the country’s downgrade to junk status by rating agency Standard & Poor this week.

As we prepare for our annual Good Friday Service,  we call on all people of faith to join us on Friday, 14 April in our iconic service which includes a procession  from the Durban Exhibition Centre to the City Hall.

The tradition of our Good Friday Service stems from an ecumenical call to public witness and action.  At the time it was in solidarity with and to pray for all those cruelly oppressed by the apartheid regime.  Each year we gathered to peacefully protest and pray for an end to the unjust system.

As a civil society organisation, our call is for all South Africans to engage in active citizenry and once again join us in peaceful prayer and protest for our beloved country.  We want to indicate our unhappiness with the current state of affairs in our South Africa in a peaceful and safe space. “The best way for evil to flourish is when good people do nothing!”

In light of our vision of a transformed society actively working for social justice, we encourage South Africans to gather on Friday, 7 April whether in their churches or within your communities to pray, protest or speak as active citizens. “We only ask that these gatherings must be peaceful, respectful and honest. Prayer meetings, human chains of peace, and any peaceful activity is encouraged as an expression of your community.

Revd Ian Booth, Chairperson, Diakonia Council of Churches

Wednesday, 5 April 2017