Diakonia Council of Churches wishes to distance itself and its member churches from the night vigil and march organised by National Interfaith Council of South Africa’s (NICSA) this week.

As the Council of Churches, we stand firm for peace, hope, truth and justice; especially in light of the very heavy political discourse currently occurring in our country and province. We find it extremely inappropriate as the church to lobby for politicians especially when churches are made up of people from diverse political affiliations.

We find it important to clarify that the night vigil and march arranged by the group of KZN church leaders is not supported by Diakonia Council of Churches and in essence the mainline churches. We have faith in our country’s Justice System to adequately handle the matter and we pray for a just and peaceful outcome to this matter.

We appeal to the churches to continue to pray for peace and justice and an end to politically motivated and taxi related violence, car hijackings and the wave of criminality which has become common in our province.


Nomabelu Mvambo Dandala,

Executive Director, Diakonia Council of Churches.

6 June 2018