What We Do

We facilitate processes with church social action groups to bring about positive lasting change in communities

Our approach

As process facilitators, we help with the following:

  • we meet with churches and groups to determine how best to take action to bring positive social change in their communities
  • We start from where people are at and accompany them in their development process as social justice activists
  • We enable groups to identify, understand and address the systemic or root causes of injustice in their communities
  • We work with organised groups of people who formulate their own shared goal which expresses the change they want for themselves or their community
  • We stand in solidarity with organisations and individuals working for social justice
  • We create unique opportunities for the ecumenical church to demonstrate united witness

Benefits for churches

  • Churches work with their identified needs
  • Churches link their faith and life and put their faith into action
  • Churches and groups also benefit from our many local, regional and international links
  • Churches get an ecumenical platform to engage in social justice issues

How you can help

You can help our work by:

  • Bringing issues to our attention
  • Establishing or joining a social action or development group in your church/community
  • Inviting us to make a presentation of our work at your church or group
  • Promoting our work through the structures of your church
  • Becoming a Friend and making regular financial contributions
  • Serving on groups planning events and working on short-term projects
  • Translation – English / isiZulu / Afrikaans
  • Prayer