Environmental Justice

God demands that humanity takes care of the environment and restore its beauty. Christians are reminded that they are mere stewards, taking care of the environment for God.

With this in mind, the Environmental Justice Programme is aimed at promoting sustainable environment use, striving for food security, challenging approaches which may upset the ecological balance, and protecting the integrity of all creation.

Eco-congregations – The Environmental Justice Programme seeks to engage with and equip churches as they actively explore ways of responding to the problems of environmental degradation, global warming, threats to sustainable living, and others. One of the ways of achieving this is to provide resources and training to church members and those seeking to embrace the concept of becoming eco-congregations
Ecocongregations are concerned about the wise management of God’s household. This is involves taking action at the local level.


  1. SPIRITUALITY learning about and expressing our faith
  2. MANAGEMENT caring for our congregation’s gifts and resources
  3. WORK IN THE WORLD Local & global community action

Environmental justice course – The objective of the course is for local churches to actively promote and implement sustainable environmental practices. Course participants are exposed to concepts such as climate change, biodiversity, food security, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and permaculture. They are also taken on exposure tours to experience first-hand how communities living in surrounding areas are affected by the pollution from big industries.